Consumers Co-op was formed in 1930 by Finnish immigrants who had originally settled in Sointula and later came to Webster’s Corners in search of work. The Co-op began supplying groceries, produce and hardware to its members, eventually adding a feed mill and warehouse to supply the needs of the many small poultry farms.

The Co-op listened to the changing needs of its members. During the mid 60’s poultry farms were shutting down in Webster’s Corners, but farming was growing in Pitt Meadows. The Co-op purchased land from the Pitt Meadows Farmers’ Institute and built a feed mill and warehouse. The Webster’s Corner store was closed in 1966, leaving Pitt Meadows as the only location of Consumers Co-op. The store at that location was built in the next few years, and is still in use.

As our surrounding area is changing again, we are still listening to our members. In April of 2009 Consumers Co-op amalgamated with Otter Farm and Home Co-operative in Aldergrove. The joining of these 2 Co-ops will allow for the much-needed expansion of the Co-op in our trading area.